Beginner Ruby

This is a true beginner class. If you've read through a ruby book before then this class is not for you. NO knowledge of ruby or how to program is required.

Things we will cover in class:
1) Getting Started Programming Ruby
2) How to use basic ruby objects, string, array, hash, and more
3) Useful Applications to build with Ruby

You will need to bring a computer to class as there will be hands on material. No software installation is required before the class.


Richard has over 5 years of Ruby on Rails experience. He currently programs Ruby for Gowalla, enjoys giving talks at Austin on Rails, and teaching Rails classes at the University of Texas. Richard has been teaching technical classes for over 3 years from beginners to PHD's. He is committed to open source software and has exactly one commit in rails 3.1, ask him about it.


Senior Product Designer at Mixer Design Group


An architect by training, a special education aide by love/necessity, an aspiring UI designer by passion. Me.


Mac User Since '92, iPhone Junkie, Occasional Audiophile and Photographer, Lover of Good Design, Swing Trader, INTJ.


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