Biltwell/ChopCult EDR Official Austin Screening Party

from Austin Motorcycle School


A buddy of mine sent me the poster for this event and it sounds pretty rad... details below:

I'm cross posting it here to make sure y'all see it, but here the original link too:

Biltwell/ChopCult, Mohawk Austin and the Austin/Central TX "Filthy 52" crew present: The El Diablo Run Documentary film Austin, TX Official Screening Party!

As you probably know, the Biltwell company is known not only for producing fine motorcycle products but also for producing fantastic events including The Biltwell Bash, Slab City Riot and most notably, the El Diablo Run. Commonly known simply as "EDR" this event is a freakout hellride trip through SoCal and northern Mexico. A 4-day voyage through treacherous lands that tests riders and their machines, EDR has become one of the premier "non-rally" moto events in the nation over the past few years.

In 2011, Biltwell teamed up with LowBrow Customs and Four Aces Cycle Supply to produce a documentary film about the EDR experience and it was released late in 2011. What followed was a series of screening parties in exotic locales such as SoCal, Cleveland and Chicago, where groovy bars would host a big party for bearded weirdos and chopper pilots to get together and enjoy the EDR film, some fine swill and the company of like-minded rogues.

And now, it's our turn, Texas.

As of now, we are about 3 weeks out and plans are in the works to make this a party to remember. The Biltwell/CC guys, the team from Mohawk Austin and the "Filthy 52" fellas are working hard and organizing, so we will update the interwebs as plans and announcements continue to roll in. Now that we are inside of 1 month until the party you can expect some regular updates with useful info, so stay tuned in!

For now, make your plans to be in Austin, TX on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012, and join us at Mohawk Austin.


Cross posting this so y'all see it... I'm going... who's in?


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