Mend Your Clothes

This session will focus on one of the most useful hand-sewing skills: mending a hem. Skirts, pants, shirts, coats – almost any garment includes a hem. The hem stitch is an easy one and so is a good way to get started in learning to mend your clothes. If you have a garment with a torn-out hem bring it along to mend during the workshop. Come learn how to choose the correct thread and needle for a particular fabric, basic needle technique, how to hold the garment for sewing, and the secrets of pressing. Not for women only!

More about the teacher:

Donna Estabrook

Donna learned most of her sewing skills from an aunt who was born in 1912 and grew up when every girl learned basic hand-sewing. Over the years she has taught herself and learned skills from others, including mending techniques and how to re-use textiles to make new useful items.


Donna Estabrook


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