Motorbike Class 01

The $5 cover charge pays for beer... which we drink during class.

I love wrenching on motorcycles. I'm by no means a master mechanic, but I've always loved tinkering with motors... my bikes are mostly held together with zip ties and hose clamps to give you an idea of my skill set, but they all run, and they all still do the ton.

In this class we'll be using my 1978 Kawasaki KZ 650 as a lab rat. I'll show you how to pull the carbs out and take them apart for routine maintenance.

On the old Japanese bikes from the 70's (Honda, Kawasaki, Yammaha, Suzuki) many components are similar... And the carbs are one of the first things to get fouled up if the bikes been sittin' too long. \ So if you fancy the idea of buying a project bike that's been sittin, this \ might be a good class for you. All experience levels welcome, from 'I don't know shit' to 'I machine my own pistons'.

Otherwise we'll sit around, drink beer, wrench, and talk motos. If there's a GP race, I might head over to Lovejoys after to watch if anyone's in. That usually start around 4 on Sunday.

This first class we'll mess with my bike, and if we get enough interest it'd be fun to start wrenching on some other bikes as well.



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