Paris or Perish/Paris à tout prix/ Cinetopia/2 showings

from French in Ann Arbor


Second showing on Sunday, June 8, at 9:00pm at the Michigan theater.

What would indie cinema be without its fish-out-of-water comedies? Or in this case, a fashionista-out-of-Paris farce? Actress Reem Kherici (OSS 117) makes her directorial debut in this French-Moroccan import about a bling-brandishing fashion designer named Maya who runs into trouble when the authorities catch her with an expired visa. Deported back to North Africa, she moves in with her less-than-glam family, which includes her meddling grandmother (Fatima Naji), her unforgiving papa (Mohammed Bastaoui), and a younger brother (Tarek Boudali) who torments her with pranks and insults. Can the insufferable, self-centered Maya make it back to France in time to nab a much-needed fashion gig? Will she learn to appreciate her family and heritage? Do we really have to ask?


This should be very funny!


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4 months ago

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