Ruby Meta Programming

I've been working in Ruby and Rails for the past 3 years working as the lead developer on OpenPHIN ( I am also the author of a MTI plugin for ActiveRecord called Pin Cushion ( \ Most of my meta-programming experience evolved around designing a plugin architecture for OpenPHIN and general temporary Rails and gem bug fixing without having to fork. The class will cover the Ruby object model, discuss the differences between Proc and Lambda and how to use them, method_missing and various evals, and how to use meta-programming techniques effectively in Rails and plugins/gems.

This will be a hands-on course so bring a laptop with Ruby installed. It is best if students have basic Ruby skills, but for the bold I will be at class 30 minutes early to help with setting up Ruby through RVM. Once class begins there will be no time to help with installation.


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10 months ago

Different kinds of programming are used for different purposes like mentioned here to differentiate between the proc and lambda. We try to buy custom essay and learn the purpose and use of every programming to use it for our convenience and ease. Good to know about this kind through this blog.

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12 months ago

Meta programming with ruby provides you with all basic and further hands on skills to manage fix and do programming. You need to check they will make you learn all the steps there so don’t forget to bring your laptops with installed ruby application to learn hands on skills and techniques to run ruby.

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