Running the Right way

This class will cover the basics in proper running technique, specifically applied to running in minimalist running shoes. Ideally wear your Vibram Five Fingers, Bikila model and running clothing.

Proper form will be discussed in terms of foot landing, leg motion, arm swing, hip pivot, breathing, and cross training. We will walk, jog then run, as well as stretch properly at the end.

Other things to be discussed are the transition into running, how to get stronger without injury, sprinting vs cruise control, breathing and more.

If you are wondering if running in FiveFingers / Minimalist Shoes is right for you, the answer is yes.


I have spent 5 years of trial and error figuring out how to run correctly. This is all the information I wish I had a half decade ago. I taught this class in the fall and everyone learned a lot from it, this will be the same successful process.


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