Unity 3D Game Engine 101

We will go over Unity 3D basics such as how to use the Editor to manipulate a scene. How to create and use Prefabs. And how to Script behavior into the game.

Please have a recent version of Unity installed on your laptop prior to showing up.

You should have at least basic programming experience in order to understand the Scripting instruction.


I have been working with Unity for 2 years at my company. We've released Teddy Tumble on iOS and Android.


Learning is my hobby.


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Samuel D. Darden
about 1 month ago

Unity has totally changed the scene of game turn of events and give no indications of easing back down. Their proceeded with advancement and spotlight on client needs has allowed them the merited acknowledgment as the business standard, and they're probably going to remain so for quite a long time to come. I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on this. By the way I played avakin life and do part 3 - adding building capabilities in JustBuild.LOL.

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