Prosciutto-Wrapped Cherry-Stuffed Chicken

from Feast for Days


What says summer more than Prosciutto-Wrapped Cherry-Stuffed Chicken? We'll also be making a fruity spinach side salad and attempting sweet potato fries.

In addition to dinner, participants will leave with an additional stuffed chicken breast and we'll split the reminder of the sides so bring a Tupperware container or two!

Feel free to BYOB, I'll have a bottle of Chardonnay to share.


I have a little online retail shop that keeps me delightfully busy. I know the basics of cooking and am excited to learn more from you! I recently married the owner of Feast for Days. : )


Founder of Feast for Days, interaction designer, married, former college athlete, 4th grade chess club president.


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over 2 years ago

The delicious dish I have ever eaten. This stuffed chicken is so yummy. I have tried it at my home and everyone liked it and now you can time4 writing with us. Looking to get more such recipes from them in order to make my family happy. Thank you for all this stuff.

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