Sellwood Shuffle Walking Tour

This 2-mile loop covers, among many other things: the most sustainable corner in the city; the country's largest hand-painted mural; the site of the Earth's first light-rail system; a place with 8 miles of corridors and 70,000 people; and a spectacular view of Mt. St. Helens. All in this little neighborhood called Sellwood!

Make sure to bring the following:

1) Comfortable walking shoes
2) A raincoat (just in case between October and June)
3) A sense of humor

We walk- rain, snow or shine!


I live in "The Wood" and have led this tour several times- lucky for you it just keeps getting better! Even the locals who take this walk are surprised by what they learn. But fair warning, it's not a typical walking tour - it's called the Sellwood Shuffle for a reason. Come on down and find out what it means. And try a new place for lunch for Pete's sake- you're already here.


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