The Mystery of Microcredit

Whether you have heard of Kiva or Grameen Bank, microcredit has captured the imagination of the world. Whole Planet Foundation supports microcredit in 52 countries and the Regional Directors from around the world will be visiting and meeting with supporters. Listen, ask questions, and learn about ways people are changing the world from the bottom up, in partnership with the poor.

This session will be an informal fireside chat, so we're also looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences.


Steve's experience in the Dot.Com Bubble and the Peace Corps led to the dream job working for Whole Planet Foundation. Learned by doing with the microfinance pioneers, Grameen launching greenfield institutions in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Today oversees a global portfolio spanning 50+ countries for the world's leading foundation (funded by a grocery store).



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over 2 years ago

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