Urban Land Art (vol.3)

…a response to existing conditions + the creation of meaning + in public space…

What: Urban Land Art is the practice of creating art from and in the urban landscape. Over the course of four 1 1/2 hr workshops, we will brainstorm + share ideas + investigate precedents, execute an individual piece(s), and lastly, a group project. Class size limit : 10.

Who: Novices, experts, and everyone in between..

Why: To define and create value + expand and/or refine our definition of art in public space

Where: Mixed Media Lab, 618 Tillery St.

When: Sunday Mornings, in April/ 10:30 a.m.–12pm

Cost: $15 (suggested donation)

Supplies: enthusiasm, a digital camera, a (favorite) tool, or two, should you deem it necessary…

Project Parameters:
1) The projects undertaken should begin, and end, on the street. What happens between those two points is up to you. The materials and mediums we engage should be sourced from the public realm (streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, paths, etc) You may chose to work with them in situ, or bring them home, but their final iteration/resting place should be, as described above, in the public realm.
2) Projects must be legal–something that would not be considered stealing or vandalism
3) All processes and projects should be environmentally considerate.


(*some readings from the list at the bottom of this page may be assigned ahead of the first class meeting)

workshop 1-
discussion: art, resources, public realm>
project 1 : Urban Still Life>
project 2 : Filling a void>

workshop 2-
project 1 + 2 shared>
project 3 : Words in a Hat>
project 4 : Interactive>

workshop 3-
project 3 + 4 shared>
project 5 : Anthropomorphic>
project 6 : Brainstorming

workshop 4-
project 5 shared>
project 6 production>
class wrap up / project documentation

Media (any and everything, man made and natural): film, sound, paper, plastic, dirt, wind, air, shadows, light, conversation, words, bugs, books, crayons, movement, space, solids, paths, night, day, you, them, everyone, no one….

Readings: de Certeau, Guy Debord, Richard Sennett, Henri Lefebvre, John Stilgoe

Related Topics: Land Art, Public Art, Bricolage, Strategies vs. Tactics, Situationism, dérives, and whatever else you’d like to bring to the table.

More info: www.urbanlandart.org / making art out there
Sponsored by: www.placingroutes.org / art in the everyday


I'm an afficiando + instigator of street art. I also believe it adds to our sense of place...


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