Wedding Dance: Not just for the Bride and Groom!

Have you ever been to a wedding or party and wished you could dance with a partner to all the music? Learn the basics so you no longer have to sit on the sidelines!

This class will prepare you with ideas for dancing to popular tunes played at weddings, while keeping it simple enough you can dance with partners who have never taken a lesson! Both couples and singles welcome. No experience needed!

We'll learn the Rumba and Foxtrot Box Step, as well as Blues variations for slower classics such as:
At Last
My Girl
I Do (Cherish You)
I Hope You Dance

There is a free parking in the lot in front of the studio (feel free to park in the front row and let other dancers park behind you), or you can park along the street. If you can't find any parking, you can try the lots at the Khabele School (in front or behind the high school, or in front of the office). Note that the studio is at a separate location than the school, so make sure to map the studio address instead of the name!


I teach social dance on the faculty at the University of Texas and have been teaching around the US and internationally for the past several years.


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